Redesigning Fit Analytics for Clothing Eccommerce — A case for inclusivity.

Figure 1: Fit Analytics

User Testing Plan

  1. Test Objective — As part of my UX Academy case study, I want to design an empathetic “Find my size” modal quiz that changes the way customers FEEL about finding their size.
  2. Test Goals —A.) The user is able to successfully navigate the product item page and find the information they need to determine the best size for them. B.) Customers feel accurately represented in fit information & quiz answers provided. C.) After completing the quiz, the user feels they have given enough/accurate information in order to trust the results.
  3. Test Subjects — The prototype will be a desktop website modal quiz, created in Figma.
  4. Test Methodology — Due to the small scope of this project, I will be conducting remote moderated tests with 3 participants, and remote unmoderated usability tests with 2–4 additional participants via Maze.
  5. Participants will be within the identified user persona requirements of Ages 25–40, women, and have experience shopping for clothing online.
  6. Recruiting Plan — Participants will be recruited from a network of past apparel industry colleagues, friends & family.
  7. Test Completion Rate & Error-free Rate — will be collected & analyzed after user testing is completed.

Interview Script

Task 1

Task 2


Figure 2: Fit Analytics. Stat Input.
Figure 3: Fit Analytics. Bra size.
Figure 4: Fit Analytics. Body shape.
Figure 5: Fit Analytics. Age.
Figure 5: Fit Analytics. Fit preference.


Figure 6: Sketches




Women's RTW Designer transitioning to e-commerce UX Designer.

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Monica Kay Schmidt

Monica Kay Schmidt

Women's RTW Designer transitioning to e-commerce UX Designer.

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